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It’s really difficult to put a time frame on the number of treatments it will take because no one injury is going to be the same for every person.  Acute injuries may resolve in just a few sessions while more chronic injuries can be more unpredictable.

Again, our practice is results driven.  We do not sign anyone up for a treatment plan with multiple visits.  If you are seeing results, we expect that you will want to come back and finish the treatments we may recommend.  If you are not seeing results, we will help you find another treatment option that may better suit you.

We also treat many patients with what we call “Performance Care.”  These are typically patients that realize how much better they can perform/function when they proactively address minor tensions or little annoyances before they become larger problems.  We also treat many athletes with “performance care” to give them a winning edge.

What can I expect from the first visit?

The first visit will involve a little bit of paperwork to help us understand your medical history.  We will then discuss in detail the concern that brought you into our office.  After it is determined that we can help you, treatment will begin.  A typical treatment may consist of orthopedic tests, palpation, joint assessments, joint manipulations, Active Release Technique, and various physical therapy modalities.  We also offer additional services including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, or laser therapy.  Please wear comfortable clothing that you can easily maneuver in.  Each treatment may vary in time and intensity dependent on the nature of the complaint.